What is a hatchback and what are its common specifications?

What is a hatchback and what are its common specifications?

According to the recent study, hatchback cars are specifically designed for the nuclear family and fuel efficient pocket. Typically a car which has pillar configuration and manufactured on the 2 or 3 box wagon design features is known as hatchback. Commonly, car companies produce cars which provide 2 to 5 seating capacity in this segment. The size and body type is completely different from the sedan and SUV variants.

However, the respective type of car variant is known as a small family car and every inetrntaional or national car brand manufactures it at a large scale. The sale and production of hatchbacks is going high at a rapid speed because of the single drive trend. Even taxi drivers and online pre paid companies are purchasing hatchback cars for their private taxi business.

Which brands have produced successful hatchback?

The list is quite varied, but some top-niche companies have manufactured endless editions of the hatchback such as-

  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • Toyota

The basic features

  • Mostly all high-end hatchback segment cars have maximum 1500cc engine and minimum 800cc.
  • They have the capacity to adjust 5 passengers including the driver
  • Latest hatchback models have digital touch screen infotainment system, anti brake system and child lock safety features
  • The cabin space is modified, air conditioner efficiency improved and fuel economy is superb
  • The hatchback cars are suitable for the hill station drive.
  • In this type of car segment, manual 5 gearbox transmission is provided by almost every car company.

Where to find the suitable hatchback car?

Nowadays, online car deals and pre-owned car prices are slashing down. Companies are taking their trade towards the online platform so that more and more buyers could be targeted in least time frame. The top 2017 hatchback cars are listed in the pinnacle rankings at the search engine, so that you can quickly take a decision and book a test drive today.


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