Top Legal And Licensed Money Lender Singapore Loans

Top Legal And Licensed Money Lender Singapore Loans


The High Court has quashed a moneylender’s bid to bankrupt a debtor who had borrowed $350,000 on an annual interest rate of 240 per cent – a ruling that could cause ripples in the moneylending industry. Not only that, small size of licensed money lenders enables them to make loans extremely quickly. Most importantly of which, one should not borrow from lenders who advertise Legal Money Lender Singapore their services. Over the last few years, the Singapore economy has been on a recovery mission after the global recession.

Whereas for the loan packages available, you have a selection of variety of credit offered by the legal authorised moneylender. For instance, licensed money lenders tend to only make small sized loans of up to S$1,500. For all permanent Singapore residents, bring: 1. Residential proof, & other simple documents, read FAQ for detailed info or contact us to know more.

Whether you want funds to renovate your dream home or a fast injection of cash to help you pay off an unexpected expense, Money Express is able to help. Most importantly, be sure that you have the ability to make the loan repayment within the agreed date and fully understand completely the details presented in the contract before you sign anything with money lenders.

If you have a poor credit score that has seen you get turned away by majority of the lenders in the market today, come to us and let us work out something that will be comfortable for you. The 7 days service guarantee is a cooling off” period, a service guarantee from a licensed money lender in SG that promises customer satisfaction unconditionally, without exceptions.

Like all other states or countries in the world, tons of loan companies is found in Singapore also. Copyright © 2010-2014 Quick Credit – Singapore Licensed Money Lender Since 2002. I don’t really know Malaysia got Legal Money Lender…I can see them being advertised everywhere, claiming themselves are legal.