The Easiest Way to Take Part in Social Welfare Activities

Over the centuries, the gargantuan role played by church communities in relation to worldwide humanitarian activities can never be overlooked. Most importantly, in the midst of the no-profit making societies involved in varieties of philanthropic activities, the church people take a significant position. The key objective of these generous projects undertaken by them is to help the people who are in need. Apart from the leaders, the followers of Jesus Christ, a large number of the members associated with the church take active part in these social activities intended to bring improvement in community wellbeing. Major societies like Westside Family Church , headquartered in Lenexa Kansas with numbers of branches and campuses spread universally have been activated to meet the basic needs of deprived people of the society.

These humanitarian projects are mainly funded by means of donations received from Church members while in different times they get involved in varieties of fundraising activities for necessary collection. Importantly, whether it’s membership or donation in their funding projects, the church people never pressurize common people in contribution. However, they make appeal; sometimes undergo different events where people can take part and participate in these giving activities. 100% of these collections are transmitted directly for the project work or helping poor and needy people. Assistance in kinds is also provided by these Church people and that goes to different places throughout the world. The activity plans include emergency relief assistances that are mainly performed in the times of natural disasters like flood, earthquake, tsunami and draught.

A survey report shows that in 2010, numbers of acknowledged churches provided a total relief to people affected in more than 50 countries. The dedicated participation of church families during the period of epidemics or war times is highly appreciable. In the recent years the World health Organization has estimated that it’s over 850 million people across the world are deprived to access the hygiene source of water. This is a major cause of epidemic outbreaks and is a key community problem in developing countries. Remarkably, these houses of worships and Jesus loving people meanwhile have taken series of steps to conserve clean water, their current storage and supply of healthy water to deprived communities. As of today, millions of people can access the clean water sources and unquestionably, this is the windfall of the great endeavors of the churches.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS people are especially focused on helping the poor, deprived and unprivileged people spread over the third world countries. The community has been working with their best endeavor in the areas including injustice to poor people, orphan care, and malnutrition in mothers, HIV/AIDS, deep poverty and spiritual darkness. The community thinks that lacking of basic education, acute poverty, unemployment and unawareness about spiritual factors are the major causes that lead to social crimes, unrest in societies, addiction to drugs among people and more. Interested to be a member of Westside Family? You are most welcome to explore them in their corporate website.