Why is playing basket ball good for kids?

The NBA basketball is different from that of the NCAA basketball .The time to cross the half line is longer and even the free throws are much closer. The NCAA has just 2 halves as opposed to that of the NBA which has a total of four quarters and even the basketball players here get a total of five fouls instead of six fouls.


The best thing about the NCAA basketball team is the setting. Here, the basketball player can be a part of the team, till the time, he passes out of the college. There is a lot of passion in this team, because students are very passionate about their schools. If you go to see the match of the match you will see that there is a lot of enthusiasm here because, students chant and cheer their team.


Apparao Mukkamala is a student and is a very ardent supporter of his school team, “The Rebel”. He feels very strongly about his team and wants to let people know the benefits of basketball.

If you want to enjoy, pure entertainment, then basketball can be a very good option.


Playing football also provides you with a number of health benefits, and if you are interested to know more about them, then you can go through the list given below:


  • Basketball involves a lot of jumping and running, and therefore helps you to get a complete exercise of the body. If you see that your kid is lazy and overweight, then you can put him to basketball, which will not only help him in becoming active, but will also help him to manage his weight.
  • Though natural genes are the most important factor that contributes, to the growth of an individual, however, playing basketball will surely help you in getting taller. The act of jumping and the frequency of the body movement help in improving the height of a child.
  • It is not very easy to shoot the ball in the hoop and doing this requires a lot of concentration. Thus, basketball helps in improving precision and accuracy in a child. Knowing to target well and precision building is a skill which helps an individual to do well in all aspects of his life.
  • Basketball like any other sports needs a lot of self-discipline, because there are a number of rules that you have to follow in this game. Playing this game helps children appreciate rules.


Apparao Mukkamala understands the importance of this sport and as a result is very much interested in promoting this sport. Like most college students, he is an ardent supporter, of his school basketball team. Apart from basketball, this theater student also is very fond of poker. Since, he is so much interested in all forms of entertainment, so, he plans to become an entertainment entrepreneur in future. He believes, that with the help of his business, he will be able to make the entertainment industry very popular.