Install Kodi private Roku Channel

It is not necessary that all channels available at the Roku channel are visible to everyone. There are several hidden private channels too, that you need to find out.  When we say channel in Roku it is similar to that as apps. You will get universal new apps for your how to install kodi on roku, you can easily search them through your web browsers and they are easy to install and to use.

You get private channel also that is a part of official versiono f Roku channels, but you will not be able to find it publically that is the reason these are termed as a private channel. Average Roku users will not be able to see as well as use it when they check the channel stores on the remote or when you are looking for channels on the official website of Roku.

Few Roku channels are availablein¬† private since they are in beta version and they are not yet released fully for the user. Few private Roku channels require the user to be a member and subscribe it. These are hidden from the regular Roku users hence they cannot locate or install it. There are few channels which they don’t want the public to view them.

Method to Locate a Private Channel You Want to Install

The initial requirement is to search for a private channel that you are interested in installing. You can do that by searching for Roku private channels, or you can also look for Roku private channel and add the topic to it.

There are a huge variety of private channels in Roku that you can easily install. For example, Nowhere TV is a famous private channel that is available on the web for free of cost. You can get online video contents similarly from the website of your choice.

Method to Add the Private Channel

Once you have searched the private channel the next step is to add the channel to your Roku account. You don’t have any option to enter a private channel code on the Roku account itself. For that, you need to sign in to you respective Roku account on the website and tap on the My account age. Now, tap on the Add a channel link. This same count must be linked to the Roku device.

Now you need to enter the private channel’s code on it, you can also call it as channel access code. This is also called as invitation code. Enter the code into the box provided at Roku website.

Now, click on the add channel and you will see that the channel is added to your respective Roku account. This private channel will be queued so that installation can happen on your Roku account.

Now go to your Roku account and you will see that the Channel will appear to your Roku account. This will take roughly 24 hours to gets installed, you can check for updates too. Learn More about on

If you are interested in downloading the private channels immediately then tap on the settings screen and choose system. Then choose the system update and tap on Check Now. Now atomatically the new private channels will be downloaded that you have added to your Roku account.