Pros of Using Tankless Water Heaters in Your Bathroom

Also known as ‘instant-on’ or ‘on-demand’ heaters, the tankless water heaters are on a buzz right now. They have perks like lower risk of spills and improved energy efficiency; it is definitely not surprising to say why. They have been used widely in Japan and Europe. Thanks to the consistent technology growth and more eco-friendly people, these devices are now growing rapidly across the US and India.

It goes without saying that tankless water heaters are always the best choice over the traditional models. Like with any other appliance, these appliances also have certain limitations. Let’s have a look at what make tankless water heaters stand out of the crowd. To know about the best tankless water heaters, see the reviews on

Pros of Tankless Water Heaters


Good for families to enjoy consistently running hot water. You don’t have to compromise on hot water or schedule the bathing time for your family. It also saves space and takes up less space as compared to traditional models. You can simply mount them up on the wall or install them indoors or outdoors.


These water heaters can significantly reduce cost of heating. You can save up to 40% per month of your electricity bills for the whole lifespan of the product. It is actually an investment that pays off. With over 30% more efficiency as compared to 50-gallon tank-based heater, these water heaters are good for environment and wallet.

Reliable & Long Lasting

These types of water heaters have the lifespan of over 20 years. So, they can ensure complete peace of mind. These instant water heaters come with 12 years of warranty on heater, 1 year on labor, and 5 years on parts.

Clean and Safe

If you have tankless water heater, you don’t have to worry about hygiene as water is not stored in a tank with scale and rust accumulated. Tankless models are also made with safety measures to avoid scalding water from the faucet.


  • Tankless models can be very difficult to install and expensive
  • They may not pay for themselves completely before their shelf life is over
  • Slight delays may take place in the flow of hot water
  • Limited hot water available at a certain time
  • With electric controls, some models may not deliver any hot water in case of power outage. At least, tank models have some backup in case of power outage.


If you have spent long time with storage heater, you know how it feels when you have to clean the basement flood. It also accumulates spills by keeping huge amount of water in a tank. Since tankless water heaters don’t store water, there is no or less risk of flooding.


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